Not all psoriasis is the same. There are many distinct diagnoses – eg guttate, plaque, erythrodermic – that need to be managed differently.

Psoriasis treatment is not a one size fits all method, yet it’s often managed that way.

Some forms are highly sensitive and react to treatment, while others are very stubborn.

Common triggers and maintaining factors can be specific foods, stress, and /or underlying autoimmune-related inflammation.

An often unknown, undetected and unexplored aspect of some kinds of psoriasis is that it can be initiated and aggravated by infections such as Streptococcus. That’s right, the same bug that gives you tonsillitis can be responsible for psoriasis.

This is why psoriasis can be such a long-standing condition where it’s difficult to identify exactly what is going on.

I have helped many others, like you, find the unique reasons for their psoriasis and help to resolve it.


  1. Your situation will be thoroughly assessed, and a personalised 6-month treatment program will be designed specifically to address the reasons you have psoriasis.
  2. You will receive ongoing practical support through 1 on 1 health coaching.
  3. If after the first appointment you feel it’s not a good fit, you’re under no obligation to proceed.

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