Rosacea is a chronic red rash on the central face that tends to appear between 30 and 60 years of age. It is more common in people of Celtic origin with fair hair, skin and blue eyes. Rosacea has many different appearance and can include, pustules, skin thickening, swollen blood vessels, dryness and may even involve inflammation of the eyes.

This is a very frustrating condition for people who experience it as it can go on for many years, and patient’s are typically told to use long term antibiotic medications. Sometimes these reduce the redness but only for the duration of the prescription. There are also known side effects of using these types of medications in the long term on the health of the digestive system.

Rosacea has been linked to other conditions, such as bacterial overgrowth of H pylori in the stomach, the demodix mite, and in some cases to autoimmune disease. These conditions required a radically different approach.

The functional medicine approach to Rosacea takes into account these drivers and offers alternative solutions to symptom management beyond anti-bacterials. How?

This way:

  1. Your situation will be thoroughly assessed, and a personalised 6-month treatment program will be designed specifically to address the reasons you have eczema.
  2. You will receive ongoing practical support through 1 on 1 health coaching
  3. Functional medicine testing to uncover hidden drivers will be recommended to advance your recovery.

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