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Rebecca Hughes

Online Course: Cutting Through the Confusion of Foods and Eczema

Rebecca Hughes MFM


I’m Rebecca Hughes

Rebecca is a leading skin health practitioner with a passion for treating conditions such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, lupus, cold sores, impetigo, molluscum and warts.
She recently won the 2020 BIMA award for Clinical Excellence.

What I Do

Functional Naturopathy Consultations

Rebecca sees patients in a care team, by working with a health coach to get maximum support and benefit for her patients. She sees patients at Melbourne Functional Medicine.

Clinical Mentoring

Other practitioners often seek out Rebecca’s opinions and learnings, for helping to consult their own patients. Rebecca has a wealth of clinical experience — a tremendous resource for fellow clinicians.

Speaking Engagements

Rebecca is incredibly passionate about what she does and is often invited to speak on podcasts, at events, conferences or at businesses.

Online Course: Cutting Through the Confusion of Foods and Eczema


“I highly recommend Rebecca. She has been able to identify hormonal issues through testing, and fixed it with herbs. Before seeing Rebecca I can’t ever remember having a moment where my skin was clear. It was consistently bad. Now I can say, after 8 months of treatment, I can’t remember the last time I had a break out! It has completely changed my skin as well as my confidence. Thank you Rebecca”

Kate, Byron Bay

I couldn’t recommend Rebecca Hughes enough! I have always suffered from eczema and was chronically itchy. I would have flare ups on my face which were so uncomfortable, unpredictable, constantly itchy, couldn’t be calmed by ANYTHING or hidden by any amount of makeup. After hundreds of dollars trialling and failing every known cream, steroid and medical approach I never thought it would go away. In just a few months, Rebecca has achieved the unachievable.

I am now eczema free. Rebecca was incredibly thorough, caring and professional in her approach. I am blown away with the transformation and am now so much more confident in my own skin.  Thank you Rebecca!

Courtney, Melbourne


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