Hives (or urticaria) looks like wheals or welts (which are often pale) and surrounded by inflamed red skin.

Acute urticaria can happen from allergies to foods, medicines, vaccinations, bee stings, viral and bacterial infections. It is typically short-lived (1 – 2 days) and is still considered acute if it resolves in less than six weeks.

Unfortunately hives can become a long term problem (from 6 weeks to months/years). The skin becomes highly sensitive to all manner or environmental triggers such as:

  • the cold
  • perspiration
  • stress
  • friction from clothing
  • contact with allergens eg latex, stinging nettles, some
  • insects
  • sun exposure and heat
  • hot, cold or chlorinated water
  • foods

Obviously these factors are not the cause of hives, otherwise everyone would have hives.

Chronic hives are a sign of an immune system that is out of balance. That is an immune system that is over-responding or reacting to perceived threats, and then won’t turn off.

Typical medical management mostly starts with antihistamines. However some episodes of chronic hives are now regarded and treated by specialists as an autoimmune disease and patients are given potent drugs designed to suppress the immune system, and these don’t always work.

Nor does this approach help the patient identify what’s triggering or maintaining their hives, taking the focus away from prevention.

This is why having someone on your team to help you figure which factors are at play can be useful.

I have helped many others like you find the unique reasons that they experience hives, and therefore how to resolve it. How?

This way:

  1. Your situation will be thoroughly assessed, and a personalised 6-month treatment program will be designed specifically to address the reasons you have hives.
  2. You will receive ongoing practical support through 1 on 1 health coaching
  3. Functional medicine testing to uncover hidden drivers will be recommended to advance your recovery.

Take back control today by booking a discovery call.

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