It really bugs me that people with acne are peddled both expensive, ineffective or at best, short-lived solutions to their acne.

Most publications will say acne is caused by a bacteria Proprionibacterium Acnes (P.Acnes).  If this were the case, then would all have acne, as it exists within a complex community of bacteria that live on everyone’s skin.  The genesis of acne is also driven by an over production of skin cells and sebum (oil) which provides a pretty comfortable environment for the bacteria to grow.  But what is causing the excess oil and and skin cells to spontaneously happen? 

I propose that in most cases these processes are driven by the combination of hormones: oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone.  By how many hormones are made, how they are detoxified, and the relative amounts of hormones compared to one another. 

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a known condition associated with hormone imbalances and acne. Many of my female patients are told that they can’t have PCOS because they don’t have cystic ovaries or that they are not overweight.  Both of these claims are inaccurate.

Diet can play a role, but only for some people. Many of my patients with acne have the cleanest diets and it makes no difference to their skin. Much to their disappointment and frustration.

The keys to the kingdom are to know which hormones are out of balance so you can do something about that. This is best performed with functional hormone testing rather than standard blood tests.

I have helped many others like you find the unique reasons that they experience acne and therefore how to resolve it. How?

This way:

  1. Your situation will be thoroughly assessed, and a personalised 6-month treatment program will be designed specifically to address the reasons you have acne.
  2. You will receive ongoing practical support through 1 on 1 health coaching
  3. Functional medicine testing to uncover hidden drivers will be recommended to advance your recovery.

Say goodbye to Proactiv and say hello to clear skin, without bleaching your bath towels.

Take back control today by booking a discovery call.

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