Clinical Mentoring

Other practitioners often consult me regarding cases where standard care has not produced predictable improvement. It is so frustrating when this happens because all we ever want for our patients is the very best.  Skin conditions can be notoriously difficult to treat. I would love to help you get optimum results for your patients.

  • One-to-one confidential consultation about specific conditions or patient case
  • Review and interpretation of patient results: eg blood work, histology, functional testing
  • Suggested treatment strategies


  • Peace of mind: Stop second guessing yourself
  • Confidence: go forth armed with the information you want to support your patients
  • Objectivity: another set of eyes can make all the difference

If you’re seeking guidance with some tricky cases, please make an appointment here.

Mentoring sessions are billed hourly

Clinical Mentoring | Rebecca Hughes Naturopath

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