Functional Medicine Practitioner

Functional medicine naturopathy is a deep dive into you, your health and your environment, and often involves tailored testing, used to uncover specific factors that might be impacting your body, and explain the symptoms you’re experiencing.

In an initial 4 hour consultation, we:

  • Conduct a detailed inquiry into your health, medical history, family history
  • Assess whether the way you’re currently eating is right for you

I recommend targeted functional medicine testing, e.g. urine/saliva hormone testing, food sensitivity testing and DNA testing, so that we can collect more information about your body.

I prescribe herbal medicines, nutritional therapy, specific diet and lifestyle strategies for you.

Following that, we will have regular consultations to assess progress, review results and continue to refine your treatment.

The health coach will coach you on implementing each element of the treatment strategy. In my experience, this team-based approach produces optimal results.


  • Customised healthcare for you
  • Intensive support for 6 months
  • Prompt feedback and responses to queries

Find out more about the clinic and the unique 6-month healthcare program here.

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